Team building with your friends

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to make products with friends. Coz you have to make sure that your friends are really committed to working together with you to create things. And even if they are, unless you make some rules with them, maybe your project will run into trouble down the road. So, no matter how good friends you are, it’s still really difficult to do projects together without any plans. In this article, I’ll tell you some tips how to stay motivated not lose interest when working on something together with your friends. The following is a list of things you should do before starting projects in order to stay motivated.

  1. Make sure that you guys are all committed to making the product
  2. Do video chat once a week (Sunday morning)
  3. Make some feasible plans (For example, no more than 2 plans for 1 week)
  4. Make a slack team and a github team

1. Make sure that you guys really want to make that products

It sounds really matter of course but it’s really important to make sure that you guys really want to make that. without it, I’m 100% sure that your plans aren’t going well in the future. and it may affect your friendship with them. So you guys really need to discuss about the products before making it. We use Google Documents while discussing. It’s visible, hence you can easily find some points you can’t agree with.

2. Do video chat once a week

Doing video chat really helps you when it comes to keeping motivation. if alone, you can make excuse to yourself like “how about doing this after watching this movie” or like that. but in front of your friends, you can’t watch movie all of a sudden. so making products while chatting with friends via Skype really helps you a lot.

3. make some feasible plans

While chatting, you guys also have to make feasible plans you have to do by next meeting. We often use Trello to check our plans. And as you can see, We make only 2 tasks in a week.

Why 2? if we make more plans, we may think it as a burden and if you failed to do it by next meeting, it will make your partners down and loose their motivation. That’s why we make really easy and few tasks. And what important is, you can’t make task by yourself. You are allowed to make tasks only when chatting with friends. The reason of this is because if you give someone a free hand to add tasks, the guy will add tasks more and He’ll paint himself into a corner.

4. Make slack team and github team

Finally we have to make sure that we have some environments where we can share our knowledge and share some documents and information. In our case, we use slack for sharing docs and info and use github to maintain our source codes. below is the image which describes how we communicate each other. But don’t take it seriously, only thing you have to do is just share information. so if you find other ways around then It’s ok too.

That’s it Enjoy your coding life with your friends!!

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